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At A Glance

Tired of creaky or clumsy adjustable cranks that don’t offer the lengths you need?

The 2XR FIT Crankset is our vision for what a variable length crank can be: simple, robust, and a range of useful crank lengths.

Made for professional fitters, studios, physical therapy (PT), medical offices and crank length enthusiasts.

Use them on a size-cycle, fit-bike, or outdoors on a real bike.

These cranks are designed for real world use and offer up the same quality and modularity and sizes as the original 2XR Crankset.

2XR Fit Crank Features

6 Crank Lengths: 175, 165, 155, 145, 135, 100mm

Covers a wide range of rider size, riding styles and physical peculiarities.

5 Q-Factors: 150, 156, 168, 183, 201mm for road, gravel, mountain and fat bikes.

Easily Swappable: Quickly change crank length simply by removing/installing the pedals (no proprietary tools)
Swap Q-Factors (spindles) on a fit-bike in a few minutes using only a 5mm allen wrench.

30mm Diameter Spindle: Common size that fits most bikes and size cycles. Note: most size-cycles use a square taper BB/crank so you may need a new 30mm BB when upgrading to 2XR FIT Crank.

Made in USA: designed, CNC machined and finished in Minnesota.

A full set up of 2XR FIT cranks spiders and spindles

2XR Crank Configurator

We’re happy to help figure out what cranks you’ll need for your bike!
Ultimately, it is your responsibility so please take a look at the  2XR Crank Specs to verify fit with your bike.

Appleman 2XR FIT crank arm showing 6 different crank lengths on one crank arm.
  • Material: 2024 Aluminum
  • Crank Lengths: 135, 145, 155, 165, 175mm
  • Spindles: 30mm spindle, 5 different widths for road, adventure/gravel, mountain, mid-fat, and fat bikes
  • Spiders: Standard spiders for 4 and 5 bolt chainrings (mountain 104×4, road = 110×5, track = 144×5). Have a 130×5 Chainring? 110×5 to 130×5 adapter
  • Colors: black, silver, pink, orange, gold, turquoise, purple, olive, sand, midnight
  • BB/Frame Standards: BSA (English threaded), ITA, PF30, BB86, BB92 BB30 T47, 386EVO, BBRight, + more (note: BB90/BB95 not compatible)
Installation diagram of Appleman 2XR crankset CAD drawing

Fitter and Rider Friendly Design

  • No proprietary tools or chainrings
  • All 2XR parts are interchangeable
  • Only 5mm allen wrench for install (torque wrench recommended)
    • Trailside friendly adjustment
    • Low torque specs (5-10Nm)
  • Swap crank arms + pedals between different bikes easily

Appleman 2XR Crankset Installation Instructions

Appleman 2XR Crankset Specifications

Crank Arm Length175 / 170 / 165 / 160 / 155 / 145 / 135 / 100
Q Factor *150156168183201
Spindle Diameter30
Bottom Bracket TypesBSA, ITA, PF30, BB30, T47, 386EVO, BBRight, BB86, BB92
Any BB with 30mm bearing and meets outer bearing width requirements
(note: not compatible with Trek's old BB90/BB95 standard)
BB Shell Width68/8668/86 or 73/9273/92 (or 68/86***)83/107 (or 73/92***)100/121
Outer Bearing Width**91.591.5 or 96.596.5 (or 91.5*** )106.5 ( or 96.5***)123.5
Types of BikeRoad, CX, Gravel, TrackCX, Gravel, MountainMountainMid-FatFat
Chainline (inner)42 on track spider434956.5
super boost
fat 177 rear end
Chainline (outer)47.5
recommended for 1x
recommended for 1x
super boost
fat 177 rear end
fat 197 rear end
Chainline (2x)4447536070
Distance Between Crank Arms Inside Faces123129141156174
Spider use, typical110x5, 110x4, 144x5 (track)110x5, 110x4, 104x4104x4104x4104x4

*Q-factor has a small amount of adjustability and is +0.5mm/-1.5mm. Dependent on frame/BB widths and spacers/shims

**Outer Bearing width is the width of the installed bottom bracket bearings and seals

***Requires two, 2.5mm spacers or General Purpose Spacer Pack (purchased separately on the Spindle Spacers page)

Purple values are especially important to compare against your current crankset when determining compatibility. 2XR Cranks are designed to fit similar to many existing cranks, but not all setups are the same.

all measurements in millimeters

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