closeup of damaged carbon fiber frame

Carbon Fiber Frame Repair

Appleman Bicycles can repair your broken, busted, or cracked carbon frame! Nearly every carbon fiber frame can be repaired no matter how severe the damage. I use my vast knowledge and experience in advanced carbon fiber structure repair to bring your bike back to it’s original strength. It's a myth that carbon can't be repaired. In fact, carbon fiber is one of the most repairable materials! All repairs are stronger than the original area, add no measurable weight, and don’t alter the ride of the bike.
Don’t worry… get it repaired!

Tobin Ortenblad racing the Stillwater crit at the NSGP with Appleman carbon fiber repaired top tube

.: Tobin racing the Stillwater Crit, repaired top tube :.

carbon fiber seat stay repair before and after

.: after, before :.

Carbon Repair Capabilities
I can fix a wide variety of carbon fiber damage to your frame. The most common repairs are:

Cracked Tubes
Separated/Missing Tubes
Tube Replacement
Car and roof rack accidents
Water bottle mount add-on
Disc Wheels
Cable stop damage

Appleman does *not* repair
handlebars, seat posts, carbon rims, seat masts, or topper damage

carbon fiber frame repair to chain stay due to tire rub

.: repaired tire rub chain stay :.

Carbon Repair Cost
Every repair is unique and will need to be quoted. The size, location, tube, and severity of the damage affects the cost of repair. For reference, common repairs are priced as follows:

$250 Surface damage, small cracks, small dings

$300 Partially cracked round tubes, the most common damage as found on most seat stays, chain stays, and the top tube

$350 Damage that is “soft” when squeezed, or damage to non-round tubes

$400+ Severe damage, missing sections of tube, tube replacement, damage to joints

Appleman carbon fiber seat stay repair

.: seat stay repair :.

Raw/No-Paint Finish
I specialize in carbon fiber layup and repairs, not paint.

To get you back on your bike as quickly as possible, I do not paint repairs. Instead, I leave them nude.

I use only the best UV protected epoxy in the carbon fiber repairs. Appleman repairs are as durable as a painted repair, but won’t scratch and chip like paint will. Raw finishes require no maintenance.

Matt Appleman and Tobin Ortenblad with a 4 hour repair!

.: Tobin Ortenblad and Matt Appleman, repaired top tube in 4 hours :.

A bit of background on this pic... Tobin and Team Donkey Label were racing at the North Star Grand Prix. Tobin crashed heavily in the road race and damaged the top tube. He didn't have an extra bike and repair was the only option. The team brought the bike to the Appleman shop and within 4 hours the bike was repaired and back in Tobin's hands for the crit that afternoon!

Expedited Service
My proficiency with composite repair shines when you need a bike repaired quickly. Using the right materials and equipment, I can quickly repair your frame without taking any shortcuts.

Most repairs can be turned around in ~24 hours for an additional $50.

Emergency repair can be completed in as little as 4 hours. Contact me for a quote.

carbon fiber chain stay repair

.: severed chain stay repair :.

Steps to get your frame repaired
.:1:. Email pictures of the damaged bike to . I will send you info on cost and turnaround time.

.:2:. If you're in the Minneapolis area, we can arrange a time for your to drop off the bike. If not, I recommend using BikeFlights "round-trip" shipping.

.:3:. Ship frame in a bike box to Appleman Bicycles, please include your contact information in the box.

.:4:. Full payment is required before the repaired frame is returned to you. You may send a check with the bike, or pay via PayPal (a $12 convenience fee charged for all PayPal or credit card transactions).

.:5:. Reassemble… and ride!

damaged carbon fiber chain stay

.: damaged chainstay :.

.: Repair FAQ's :.

How strong are repairs?
Repaired areas of the frame are stronger and tougher than the original frame.

How durable are repairs?
The repair should outlast the rest of the bike.

Do you offer a repair warranty?
No. While Appleman repairs are top notch and extremely durable, repairs are often fixing poor design or a mistake therefore no warranty can be provided. If you ever have a problem with a repair, I’m happy to fix it.