Custom Carbon Fiber Bikes and Repair


Since 2010, Matt Appleman has built frames by hand with steadfast-design and painstaking-workmanship. Each Appleman bonds engineering-and-artistry to craft frames that look unique and ride beautifully.



From the head tube to the dropouts, your Appleman is designed and fabricated for you. Every millimeter, every degree, and every layer of carbon is thoughtfully chosen to provide you with the best ride, quality, durability, and fit.



Working with Appleman you get a streamlined process for your new frame or repair, with no surprises when you open up your bike box. It's a one-man operation — you work with me throughout the entire process. I'm the director of customer service, marketing, design, sales and manufacturing.

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Raw, industrial, and timeless are how many describe their Appleman. The complete lack of paint makes not only for a strikingly unique finish, but also one that won't chip or scratch over time. The carbon is UV protected and logos are made of titanium, wood, carbon fiber, and other mediums.



You can rest assured that an Appleman is more than online forum findings. I have a Bachelors Degree in Composite Materials Engineering and worked as a composite engineer building wind turbine blades and aerospace materials.

Appleman Bicycles is dedicated to building the finest frames and takes no shortcuts.

I’ve had custom steel and titanium frames, but was amazed that the Appleman has the best qualities of each.
— Matt, CT

About the builder: Matt Appleman


Q: How did you get started in framebuilding?
A: I started riding and racing after seeing mountain bike racing in the 1996 Olympics. While in college, I had a knee injury in which an ill fitting bike was the culprit. There was no stock bike that had the geometry I needed. I put my degree in Composite Materials Engineering to use and built myself a custom carbon bike that fit me. I was able to ride again while working full time as a composites engineer building wind turbine blades in South Dakota and then aerospace materials in California. After a few years of working for others and building frames as a hobby, I quit my high-zoot job and started Appleman Bicycles full time.

Q: How long have you been building frames?
A: I started working with composites in 2004. I built my first frame in 2008 and founded Appleman Bicycles in 2010.

Q: How did you learn to build frames?
A: I’m self taught. I earned a degree in Composite Materials Engineering from Winona State University. I started sticking tubes together and destroying them in my dorm room. Developing a process, using a wide range of materials, and experimenting with various manufacturing methods was the best way to learn how to work with carbon fiber. This experimentation and development laid the foundation for what is now Appleman Bicycles.

Q: Do you race?
A: I race cyclocross, gravel, and myself on Strava. I raced road and track for about 15 years before mellowing out to racing cross for fun. What I lack in speed, I make up for in consistency. Regardless of training, I seem to finish in the middle of the pack every time.