Stack of 135-175mm crank lengths showing difference in crank length, use the crank calculator

A Rider’s Guide to Crank Length

Crank length is confusing—and important. Am I riding the right length crank? How do I choose a crank length? This guide provides direction to life’s biggest crank length questions.

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graph showing 1-minute average power versus crank length.

Case Study 01: Crank Length VS Power and Cadence

In this case study, we ask the question: How does crank length affect power and cadence? We’ll look at the results…

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Installation diagram of Appleman 2XR crankset CAD drawing

Installation Instructions: 2XR Cranks

Read this first before installing 2XR cranks on your bike

2XR Cranks Installation Instructions

2XR Tandem Cranks Installation