2XR Spider or 2XR Chainring


This is for the the 2XR Spider  or 2XR Chainring only. Go here for the complete 2XR Crankset.

2XR Spider

All 2XR spiders are designed to add flexibility to choosing chainline while not locking you into proprietary chainrings. Spiders are interchangeable and fit on any spindle allowing you flexibility in gearing.

1x or 2x on road? Same spider.
Boost? Superboost? Same spider.
Want to use your track chainring on your fat bike? It’s impractical, but possible 🙂

104×4: A spider for mountain through fat bikes for mountain bike chainrings. Chainring can be mounted on either inside or outside position depending on chainring requirements.

110×4 Shimano Style: A spider has an asymmetric 4 bolt pattern popularized by Shimano road groupsets. This allows you to take your chainrings off your Shimano cranks and install them on the 2XR spider for perfect shifting. Fits 11 and 12 speed Shimano rings as well as many other aftermarket branded chainrings.

*Not compatible with GRX Chainrings! GRX uses a double proprietary BCD. Use Shimano Road (Dura-Ace, Ultegra, 105 etc…) chainrings with 110×4 spider —OR— Praxis sub-compact chainrings with the 110×5 spider.

Wing Dings can be purchased. These are optional and transition between the chainring and spider.

110×5: A spider for road and gravel bikes and chainrings. Can be used 1x or 2x. Mount 1x chainrings on the outside position or 2x on both positions.
*Compatible with Praxis 48×32 tooth sub compact chainrings.

144×5: A spider for track/fixie bikes and chainrings. This spider has integral threads for use with standard chainring bolts. Fits “solid” track chainrings without removing any parts of the crank. Features extra material for maximal strength and stiffness.

***Fixed gears put forward and backward rotational stress on the spider. For this reason the 144×5 spiders are installed onto spindles using a high strength retaining compound which removes play from the system.

2XR Chainrings (Direct Mount)

Chainring bolts be damned! Direct mount chainrings don’t require all the loose bits and pieces. Instead, attach cleanly to the 2XR Spindle with no hardware!

Powered by AArN : )

2XR Chainrings utilize the unique tooth profile developed by renowned designer AARN. Awesome wear, retention and compatibility are achieved with this special-sauce tooth profile.


2XR Chainrings are compatible with all 9-12speed chains. Sram, Shimano, Flat-Top and Round top… they all work.

Note: Not compatible with Ekar 13.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: 7075 aluminum
  • Teeth: 28, 32, 38, 42
  • Compatibility: 9-12 speed chains
  • Chainline + weights: see 2XR Specs
  • Colors: all 2XR colors + WILD paint see 2XR gallery
Weight .41 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .25 in
BCD / Teeth

104 X 4 spider, 110 X 4 spider (Shimano road), 110 X 5 spider, 144 X 5 spider (+$50), 28t (1X Chainring) (shipping in June), 32t (1X Chainring) (shipping in June), 38t (1X Chainring) (shipping in June), 42t (1X Chainring) (shipping in June)



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