Spindle Spacers


*Note: Spacers and shims are included with all cranksets and spindles!

Adventure Spindles come with 2 sets of spacers for both road and mountain configurations.

If you need to shim down to a narrower BB, get the General Purpose Spacer Pack!

Ahhh… the humble spindle spacer. 3D printed in-house out of polycarbonate for high strength, low weight and outdoor durability.

Spacers and shims have an inside diameter to fit 30mm spindles.

Spacers and shims are designed to match the aesthetic and functional features of the 2XR Crankset, but can be used on any other 30mm diameter crank spindle.

Replacement 2XR Spindle Spacers

Lost your spindle spacers? We believe in the right to repair. Every 2XR Spindle comes with the required spacers, but if you need replacements… this is the right place. These spacer packs come with replacement spacers and shims for each of the 2XR Spindles.

General Purpose Spacer + Shim Pack

The General Purpose Spacer and Shim Pack comes with 6, 2.5mm spacers and 6, 0.5mm shims, perfect for rare bottom bracket widths or if you’ve got to get creative for some reason.

Brompton Spacer Kit

Brompton folding bikes use a slightly offset bottom bracket. The Brompton Spacer Kit centers the 2XR Road spindle to accommodate Brompton’s design. Purchase this Brompton Spacer Kit in addition to the 2XR Crankset.

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