Carbon Bike Repair

Appleman Bicycles can repair your damaged, broken, busted, or cracked carbon fiber frame.

I've been fixing carbon fiber for over 10 years and have a deep understanding of advanced composite structure repair. I started my career building and repairing wind-turbine blades before moving on to aerospace and then bikes.

With a turnaround time of about 1 week (or next-day expedited), you'll have your bike back quickly.


Can carbon be fixed?

It's a myth that carbon can't be repaired. In fact, carbon fiber is one of the most repairable materials and each Appleman repair is covered by a 10 year warranty. Repairs are stronger than the pre-damaged frame, add no measurable weight, and don’t alter the ride of the bike.

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Copy of Seat Stay Repair
Copy of Top Tube Repair


Every repair is unique and will need to be quoted. The size, location, and severity of the damage affects the cost of repair. To give you a rough idea of costs…

  • $250 Small cracks and dings

  • $300-350 Most common damage

  • $400+ Soft, squishy, holes, full breaks, joints damage

  • $50+ add/replace H20 bottle bosses, cable stops, etc...

  • $1200+ Carbon Fiber drop out replacement

Disassembly not required. Save time and money by not having to strip and reassemble the entire bike.

Expedited Turnaround: 24 hour turnaround is available for an additional $100. Same day turnaround by quote.


Raw/No-Paint Finish:
Ride that battle-scar proudly! To get you back on your bike as quickly as possible, repairs are sanded smooth with a no-paint carbon fiber finish. Appleman repairs are as durable as a painted repair, but won’t scratch and chip.

I repair:
Cracked, busted, separated tubes. Car and roof-rack damage. Water bottle and cable stop add-ons/replacement. Any tube, any brand.

I do not repair:
Forks, bars, seat posts, carbon rims, seat masts, or topper damage.


Get your bike repaired

1 – Email pictures of the damaged bike to me ( and I'll send you an estimate with cost, turnaround time, shipping and prep info.

2 – Drop off or ship your bike to Appleman Bicycles. I recommend using BikeFlights "round-trip" shipping. Please include your contact information in the box.

3 – I repair your bike. Contacting you along the way if I notice any other damage, and once the frame is complete. With a current turnaround time of a week (or next-day), you'll have your bike back quickly.

4 - Once the repair is complete, I’ll verify full payment and shipping labels are square, I’ll release or ship your bike.

5 - Get rad! (but not too rad)

Got the repaired frame back and it looks fantastic.
Couldn’t be more happy with it!
— Jesse, WI


Repair FAQ’s

Q: How strong are repairs?
A: Repaired areas of the frame are stronger and tougher than the original frame. I use my expertise to evaluate each repair, rebuild it and improve upon the existing carbon fiber layups to maximize strength and durability.

Q: What is your repair warranty?
A: Appleman offers a 10 year warranty on carbon fiber repairs. Work involving metal like adding cable stops or water bottle bosses are not covered under warranty.

Q: How durable are repairs?
A: The repair will outlast the rest of the bike.

Q: Do I need to remove all the components from my bike?
A: No! I need clear access around the entire damaged tube. Often, this is as simple as moving a cable, or removing the crank. Often times, nothing needs to be removed! I try and make it as simple as possible for you. When shipping your bike, I recommend removing as many components as practical to reduce shipping cost and minimize the possibility of damage.