Shimano Flat mount disc brake

Flat Mount Disc Brake Dropouts

When I design a frame, it's with a purpose, it's with reason, it's with experience. Each Appleman provides the very best frame: ride quality, durability, and design. When the flat-mount spec came out I saw some major flaws, or "room for improvement". Always one to think outside the sphere, I designed the flat mount the right way... not the easy way.

Flat mount drop out disc brake

What the heck is going on?
The foundation of the Appleman flat mount is a 1-piece Stainless Insert: The brake threads into a lightweight stainless insert embedded in the frame (and avoids crushing your carbon frame). It mounts just like on the fork and has a flip/flop 140/160mm shim.

Why is the brake on the seat stay?
Seat Stay: Mounting the brake on the seat stay allows for easy installation, extra heel clearance and smooth internal cable routing for the ultra-clean look Appleman is known for.

Appleman stainless steel Flat mount disc brake

Why didn't you drill big holes in the chain stay?
Strength! The chain stay is one of the highest stress tubes on the bike! No holes, no worries.

Did you just make it easier to adjust my brakes?
Long-Term Adjustability: When you bolt a brake directly onto the carbon and heat it up, eventually that surface will lose flatness, especially with repeated adjustments. The stainless insert I use will take the heat (actually acts as a heat sink) and will stay flat for millennia.

Rear view of Appleman carbon flat mount disc brake