Appleman custom carbon fiber donut bike

Donut Bike

Matt Appleman's latest installation is #donutbike. Inspired by true love (of the holey, glazed pastries), Appleman built this bike on such a sugar-high that only the rolling gravel roads of Winona County could remedy.

Appleman custom donut bike with frosting and sprinkles integrated handlebar Enve

What does #donutbike taste like? Before you go licking anything, the frosting is made of epoxy resin. The resin was specially formulated for frosting-like consistency. Sufficient flow was required for a smooth glaze, while a certain thixotropic profile was created get the drips just right.

The colors man... the colors! Each epoxy sprinkle was extruded, cured, and crafted into a casually placed cylinder of delight. Another custom epoxy mix called for hyper-doping up to get the viscosity just right and the color brilliant.

close up of Appleman logo made of epoxy frosting and sprinkles like a donut bike

Yeah, but can you ride it?
Don't let the kitschy theme put you off. This bike shares all of the same DNA as every Appleman. Built as the ultimate gravel grinder with the ulimate in custom tubing and advanced fabrication techniques. Designed to tackle any road surface, this bike thrives in tough conditions. One must look beyond the frosting to see the smart engineering, design, and unique ride quality that Appleman is known for.

There's a lot of serious bikes out there... I've built plenty of them. I wanted to do something different, something lighthearted, something... fun! It's a winning combo, bike and donuts, donuts and bikes.

Appleman custom integrated handlebar with White Industries headset and carbon fiber frame

But really... what's with the donut thing?
I like donuts... as most people do. For some reason, society picked up on my like for the delicous treats and pegged me as the "donut guy". There's no going back through that toroid, but I'm ok with that. Donuts are fun, whimsical, and totally mouthwatering. I've always had straightforward, no-nonsense, authentic frame why not dress up a highly engineered frame a little?

closeup of Applman frosting
Overview of Appleman's Donut Bike with HED Wheels and Challenge tires